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Download JKS Time app to your smartphone

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android - and can be downloaded to your phone here:

JKS time app

When you work for JKS, you must record your working hours so that we can give you the correct salary. For most employees, the hours must be recorded in our app, called JKS Time - you can download the app for your phone above.

When you have downloaded the app, you must use the same login as usual - your email address or employee number in the username and the last four digits of your CPR number as the password.

Some customers continue to use the system at jks.dk/timer. If this is the case where you work, you must record your working hours there. You will always get thorough information if you should not use JKS Time to record working hours. Read more in the FAQ below.

If you have questions about your working hours, you can call Salary Service at +45 70 270 750 - your local department can also help you with the app.

You can see a short intro here, and read more in our small FAQ below.


Here we have comprised a few questions and answers about recording of working hours, use of the app, etc.

If you do not find an answer to your question, you are of course always welcome to contact your local JKS branch.


General issues

Make sure to update the app - always use the latest version
The app is continuously updated with improvements, functionalities and bug fixes. It is therefore important that you always keep the app updated to the latest version.

Are there different systems and methods for recording hours?
Yes! But you will always be informed by your local branch about which system you should use. Most people use the app JKS Time, but you may also be asked to use jks.dk/timer or the company's own hour recording system. It depends on the agreement with the company. The JKS time app has various options but will automatically apply the function you need at your current temporary job.

Should I use the same username and password when I log into the app?
Yes, your username is your email address or employee number and your code is the last four digits of your CPR number. This applies regardless of which of our systems you need to use.

There is no booking when I want to record hours?
This is probably because there is no booking for you on the day. Contact your local branch and they can look into it.

Would it be okay to submit my hours continuously during the week?
Yes, we actually recommend recording hours every day. The working hours for the whole week must be entered no later than Sunday at midnight.

What do I do if I don't have a smartphone?
It is possible to enter your hours via portal.jks.dk. Otherwise, contact your local JKS branch for a more specific agreement.

Use of JKS Time app

I can make a comment in the app, but who sees it?
Your contact person at the company you work for can see your comment. You cannot send messages to your local JKS branch through the app.

I previously worked for JKS, and just got a new temporary job - but the app doesn't work?
This is probably because the app has an update available. Update your app and try again.

I cannot edit a recording
This is because the customer has approved your entry, in which case it can no longer be edited. You can tell by the fact that there is a check mark next to the day of the week at the top of the screen. If there is an error, please contact your local JKS branch.

I can’t log in
You can log into the app if you have a booking in the current or the following week – or you have had a booking in previous weeks.

Use of punch clock in the JKS Time app

What is a punch clock?
With some customers, the JKS Time app is used as a clock, where you "check in" when you show up to work and "check out" when you leave. Your app will choose this solution automatically if it is the one you must use - you do not have to do anything. You use the same app and the same login.

Why do I have to share my GPS location with JKS when I use the app?
We use the location to check whether you are within the radius of the customer's address. If you are, you have the option to start and stop your time recorder. We do not store your location.

What do I do if I forget to check in?
Check in immediately - and also notify your contact person at the company you work for, and ask to have your start time adjusted to the correct one.

What do I do if the app cannot find a booking for me?
Either you have switched off your GPS or your booking has not been created/extended correctly. Call your local JKS branch and they will help you.

Use of JKS Time app with JKS Timestation

What is Timestation?
At some customers, a JKS Timestation is used. It is a physical "box" that hangs on the wall. Here, you use your phone's system for contactless registration (similar to mobile payment/Apple Pay), where you "check-in" when you arrive and "check-out" when you leave by holding your phone up to the contactless registration symbol. Your app will automatically choose this solution if it's the one you need to use.

What do I do if I forget to check-in?
In that case, you should immediately check-in at the JKS Timestation belonging to the department you work in. Also, inform your contact person at the company and request to have your start time adjusted to the correct one.

What do I do if the app cannot find a booking for me?
Either you don't have the ability for contactless registration on your phone, or your booking has not been created/extended correctly. Call your local office, and they can assist you further.

Please watch this video guide that explains everything you need to know:


The majority of our customers use the JKS Time app, but not all. Some companies use their own system, while others continue to use our previous system. If you need to log in to the old system, you can do it here: