Privacy Policy

When you share your personal data with us, the data is processed in accordance with this privacy policy. 

At JKS, we believe that protecting the personal data received from candidates, temps, other employees, business partners and visitors is of vital importance. All personal data is therefore processed and protected with the utmost care in accordance with the relevant regulations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We aim for transparency in our processing of personal data. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to read this privacy policy containing information of how we process your personal data. At JKS, we for instance receive data about applicants, temps, permanent employees and business partners. Thus, we have different privacy policies. This privacy policy applies to applicants, current and former temps as well as business partners (customers and suppliers).

On this page, you will find:

  1. Data controller
  2. Processing of personal data
  3. Cookies
  4. Purpose of collecting personal data
  5. Personal data of temps
    1. When you create a CV or apply for an advertised job
    2. During temp work/employment 
    3. After temp work/employment
  6. Personal data of customers’ employees
  7. In general
  8. Rights
  9. Amendments

1. Data controller

JKS is responsible for managing your personal data. Please find our contact details below:

JKS a/s
Roedkloevervej 2, Rindum
DK-6950 Ringkoebing 19 68 72 36 
Telephone: +45 70 15 07 50


You can send a secure e-mail on

2. Processing of personal data

Please feel free to contact our data controller on in case of questions regarding the processing of your personal data.  

3. Cookies

When visiting our website, you automatically receive one or several cookies. Some cookies are necessary and contribute to the website function, and your will always receive these cookies. You can reject other cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored in your browser, and it is recognised by the website when returning to the site and makes it possible to send individualised information to your browser.

Cookies cannot contain viruses. Cookies have different durations, depending on their function. For more information about the cookies we use and how to reject them, please refer to our cookie information by clicking the icon below in the bottom left corner: 

4. Purpose of collecting personal data

JKS only collects necessary personal data for specific purposes, which you can read more about below, and we delete the data once they no longer serve a legitimate purpose. You can also read more about that.

5. Personal data of temps 

5. a. When you create a CV or apply for an advertised job


We collect and process your personal data in order to be able to fulfil our tasks, including job placement, temp services, recruiting and selection. More specifically, we process your personal data in order to be able to: 

1. Send you offers and/or information about our services and other activities as well as to coordinate these with your requirements and qualifications. These tasks are carried out by our permanent employees.

2. Assessment of your suitability or availability as to job placement in permanent or temporary positions, possibly including test results, reference evaluation etc.

3. Data processing for our customers for screening purposes prior to employment.

Which personal data do we collect?
We process the personal data which you enter by means of the website as well as the information in your CV and possibly related documents. Primarily the following data:

  • Name and address
  • E-mail address and other contact information
  • Job status
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) and information about education, internships, work experience and language skills
  • Information about courses and other education 
  • Driving licence and type
  • Possible references

Usually, you provide these data. If you have stated references, we may choose to contact them. The data we collect from such references concern your job function and constitute only general personal data.

Transfer of personal data
Once we match your wishes and competences with job vacancies, your personal data will to the necessary extent be transferred to the company with a relevant job. The company will then continue to process your personal data for employment purposes. If you apply for jobs within the hotel, restaurant and canteen industry, we may choose to transfer your data to Assistance HR Partners A/S, owned 100% by JKS. We do this to increase your job options, as Assistance HR Partners A/S is specialised within this industry

Legal basis
The legal basis for processing and transferring your personal data is article 6,1, f) of the GDPR – also referred to as the balancing of interests regulation. The legitimate interest pursued is the wish to match the right temps with the right jobs. The legal basis for acquiring references is also article 6, 1, f), and the interest here is to confirm the information acquired during the recruiting process.

Retention period
Your personal data is stored as long as relevant, yet no more than 3 years since the latest activity. You can at all times request your personal data to be deleted. 

5. b. During temp work/employment

An affiliation agreement is sent to you for signature when we have a vacant temporary position that matches you and your wishes or if we assess that you will relatively quickly be offered a temporary position.

This agreement is part of the overall employment agreement, which you need when working as a temp. The remaining part of the employment agreement – the job order – is sent to you when you are offered a specific temporary position. Together, they constitute your employment contract.

The purpose of collecting additional personal data is to manage your employment, including paying wages as well as being able to offer ongoing temporary positions.

Which personal data do we collect?
In addition to the personal data collected when you uploaded your CV etc., we collect and process additional information to the relevant and necessary extent. Primarily the following:

  • Civil reg. no.
  • Bank information 
  • Tax information
  • Information concerning the specific temporary position, including: place of employment, start and end date, working time, wages, collective agreement, pension
  • Any certificates, authorisations etc.
  • Vaccines
  • Work permits, citizenship
  • Sickness absence
  • Holiday and other days off
  • Leave, including pregnancy leave, parental leave
  • Unemployment fund (for G-days)
  • Union affiliations (only in cases necessary to determine, assert or answer for legal claims cf. articles 6, 1, f) and 9, 2, f) of the GDPR)
  • Work-related injuries 
  • Employment law-related sanctions, such as reprimand, warning, dismissal or suspension

Some of the personal data is provided by you. Information about the specific temporary position will be provided by the company in question. We also receive information from public authorities such as the Danish Customs and Tax Administration.

If you get sick while working, you are obliged to call in sick by telephone – as stated in interview, affiliation agreement and job order. We record the conversation for documentation of your notification of sickness. This recording is deleted after 24 months. The reason for this requirement is that we can only pay sickness benefits after receiving a notification of sickness. 

Downloading app
In temporary positions with some customers, it is necessary that you download the app "JKS Time" to register the hours worked. The personal data that you provide in this context for the use of the app will be processed to the extent that it is relevant and necessary, just as all other personal data.

Transfer of personal data
We transfer some personal data to the companies that you work for when sending an order confirmation to the customer. This includes your name, JKS wage number, position, residence (only city), possible sickness absence and other acute absence. In special situations, where it is necessary in order for you to be able to start working for the customer, we will transfer your civil registration number and/or image. The customer will be informed that when receiving personal data, this data must be treated according to legislation and be deleted when it no longer meets the purpose for processing. 

We also transfer information about wages to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration as well as the pension fund, if relevant. We may also transfer relevant information to the following, among others:

  • Danish labour market supplementary pension (ATP)
  • Danish Labour Market Insurance (AES)
  • Holiday account (Feriekonto)
  • Municipalities reg. refund of unemployment benefits
  • DA-Barsel and/or Barsel.
  • Arbejdsgivernes uddannelsesbidrag (AUB)
  • Our external auditor
  • Our external legal adviser, incl. DI

Legal basis
The legal basis for processing your personal data is article 6,1, b) and article 6, 1, c) of the GDPR as well as section 11(2)(1) and section 11(2)(3). The legal basis for processing information about possible work-related injuries is article 6, 1, c) and article 9, 2, b) of the GDPR. Recording of telephone conversations takes place in accordance with article 6, 1, f) of the GDPR, as the legitimate interest pursued is the possibility to defend and maintain possible legal claims.

5.c. After temp work/employment

JKS stores data covered by the Danish Bookkeeping Act and tax law in accordance with applicable rules. If there is a fair reason for storing data longer, we may do so. For instance, in case of work-related injuries.

The purpose of storing your personal data may for instance be assessment and actions regarding possible subsequent legal claims and compliance with applicable law.

Legal basis
The legal basis for storing your personal data is article 6,1, c) and 6, 1, f) of the GDPR. The legitimate interest pursued is to determine, maintain or answer for legal claims. Storage of cases concerning work-related injuries is based on article 6, 1, c) and f) as well as article 9, 2, b) and f) of the GDPR. 

Retention period
After your last temp work/employment, we will store your data for 5 years, unless an activity has occurred or it is necessary to store data longer. This may be the case in connection with work-related injuries or answering for legal claims.

6. Personal data of customers’ employees

We process your personal data, if you work for one of our customers and you are in charge of the contact with JKS. 

We process your personal data in order to be able to:

• Make offers for and/or provide information about services and other activities
• Request and review offers and information about services and products for JKS
• Maintain a business relation
• Enter into agreements about and manage orders

What personal data do we process?
We primarily process name, e-mail address, telephone number, position and company. 

Transfer of personal data
JKS may transfer personal data from employees of customers, if required in order to fulfil the purpose of the job placement/task. These data may be transferred to other JKS units, applicants or candidates, business partners and subcontractors (e.g. data controllers) providing services on behalf of JKS.

Retention period
Your personal data is stored as long as relevant, meaning for the duration of a business relation and a subsequent period.   

Legal basis
The legal basis for storing your personal data is article 6, 1, b) and article 6, 1, f) of the GDPR. The legitimate interest pursued is the possibility of entering into and maintaining dialogue and contact with our business relations and business partners.

7. In general

Security is a very important issue to us when processing personal data, and we have taken physical, administrative, organisational and technical security measures to protect your personal data from being destroyed, lost/changed and against unauthorised publication or unintentional access. 

JKS has adopted internal rules for data security containing instructions and measures for protection of your personal data against unauthorised publication as well as access or knowledge of unauthorised persons. We have created procedures for allocation of access rights to those of our employees in charge of processing personal data. We check their actual access by means of logging and monitoring of the required systems.

In order to avoid data loss, JKS is continuously making backup copies of our data set. 

In case of security breaches resulting in a high risk for you of discrimination, identity theft, financial loss, loss of reputation or any other significant disadvantages, JKS will notify you about such a security breach as soon as possible.

Our security procedures are constantly being revised based on the most recent technological progress.

Apart from internal JKS systems, we use external IT service suppliers. We have data processing agreements with all relevant external suppliers.

8. Rights

You have a number of rights when we process your personal data:

Right of access to your personal data
You have the right to access the personal data we process about you..

Right of rectification
You have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected.

Right of erasure
In some cases, you have the right to have your personal data erased.

Right of restriction of processing
In special cases, you have the right to have the processing of your personal data restricted to storage.

Right of withdrawal of consent
If you have given your consent to processing of personal data, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time in accordance with personal data regulations. Unless the company has any other legal basis for processing, we are not allowed to continue processing your personal data.

Right of objection
In special cases, you have the right to object against our processing of your personal data. 

Right of data portability
In special cases, you have the right to receive your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as the right to transfer of this personal data from one data controller to another without hindrance. 

If you wish to exercise such rights or if you have questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us on You can also read more about your rights and about privacy policies in the guide from the Danish Data Protection Agency on

Contact, questions, comments, complaints or suspicion of data leaks
If you have questions, comments or complaints concerning JKS’ protection of your personal data, please contact us in writing or by e-mail on or JKS, Rødkløvervej 2, DK-6950 Ringkøbing. Contact Information DPO (Data Protection Officer): Tony Dai, tlf. +45 71749845.

Complaints to the Danish Data Protection Agency
You have the right to lodge complaints to the Danish Data Protection Agency, if you are dissatisfied with the way we process your personal data. However, we urge you to contact us first in order to settle the matter. 

Please refer to the website of the Danish Data Protection Agency for contact information and complaint instructions. 

9. Amendments

For various reasons, JKS can at any time choose to amend or add content to this privacy policy in accordance with changes in legislation, introduction of new technical solutions, new service concepts or the like at JKS.

The most recent version of our privacy policy is always available on This version was revised in January 2023.